You probably know the saying: if you do not have a website, you do not exist. Agencies are very keen to use it every time they want to persuade a not entirely convinced client to order a website from them. Personally, I do not agree with this slogan. Observing the market, especially the offline market, it is obvious that there are industries where the Internet is something you cannot live without. Yes, there are fewer and fewer such niches, but they do exist, and this is a fact that there is no point in discussing, let alone denying.

Website - costs

Before we get into the benefits of having your own website, it's important to be clear that before they happen you need to invest in a website. I could quote here another saying such as: "to take out, you have to put in" 😉 With each passing year, it becomes more and more true.

It's not that websites, it's that they are getting more and more expensive to make. You can now launch a website on your own, eliminating costly agencies in your way. However, the expense comes later, when you want to compete for traffic with your competitors.

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As I have already mentioned having modern technology at our disposal, you are able to launch your website in principle in one evening at no cost. All you need is the will, time, the right tools, a good source "know how" and a hosting account with a domain name.

This kit guarantees you a start with your own website without the cost of an interactive agency, freelancer or even a good friend who will give you a lower price, but you will still have to pay.

However, none of these websites are created gratuitously. To a greater or lesser extent, everyone with their own website benefits or thinks about the benefits of doing so. And the chances of this are really high. The Internet is already one of the main, if not the main source of information. It has already replaced newspapers, radio and who knows whether it will soon take the position of television. One of the main benefits for internet creators is, of course, money, just like for most people. And there are really a lot of opportunities to earn them on the Internet.

Recently, many commercially successful websites have appeared on the Polish Internet. The creators of such sites basically started from scratch. Just like everyone else, they realised their idea for a website. Whether it was their own or taken from the West, that is not the most important thing. The important thing is that they wanted to achieve popularity and they succeeded. But did they expect such a success? I think not. However, they are perfect examples that all it takes is a bit of creativity and a hit on the current needs of Internet users to make a lot of money on your website.
But not all of us are gifted with the ability to break through the crowd of many websites. However, there is still a chance to earn money on the Internet. All thanks to advertisements placed on the website. It is enough to find a suitable advertiser, who will place his advertisement on our site or use all available advertising networks (e.g. Adsense) and you can earn on it. It is really not difficult to find a company or a person who wants to promote themselves through our website on the Internet.
Staying on the subject of making money, it is now hard to imagine a situation when we set up a company and do not have our own website. Currently, almost everyone looking for any service or product is the first to scour the Internet. Therefore, a company's website is essential for acquiring new customers and interacting with the current ones. For internet users it is the best source of information about companies in their area, and for companies it is a kind of business card. It is a reciprocal relationship whereby people can get the service, product they need and business owners get customers. However, the range of many enterprises does not end only with customers from the area or city.
Look at the not inconsiderable number of shops that sell their products all over the country. This is all thanks to a website through which users can order goods. It is obvious that more goods will be sold all over the country than just in one city, and thus you can earn more money. It seems to me that without a website, not being a so-called 'chain store', this would not be possible.

Leaving material benefits aside, however, there are many more to be reaped from your own website on the Internet. Let's go back to the main reason for the Internet, which is communication. Your own website is a great place for artists to interact with the audience of their work. Many writers, photographers, painters and musicians have their own websites where they can observe people's reactions to their works. Find out about comments, or invite people to their shows or performances.

Apart from communication, self-promotion is a huge benefit in this case. Also ordinary people can share their passions, hobbies with others. They can share with others what they like, inform about what is important to them, or find interlocutors with similar interests. Regardless of what you are interested in, you can create your own page about it on the Internet.

As you can see, the Internet offers many opportunities from which you can benefit. It should be all the more encouraging that you no longer need good IT knowledge in the field of creating websites, it is really easy, see here. The Internet does not limit anyone in any way, you can confidently implement your idea for a website and reap all the benefits you want. This is how the whole Internet is driven. The creators of websites get something for them, and Internet users get another source of information.


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