You are still looking. You are wondering what to choose: a website creator or a CMS system. What will be better for you, what will allow you, with little effort and money, to launch an attractive website that can be comfortably managed. You're afraid that you won't make it, but don't worry. Such fears are perfectly natural if the whole issue is new to you. However, I'm sure you can handle it, because here's another way to get your own website up and running quickly using WordPress and the great OceanWP theme.


It is an amazing CMS that will give you unimaginable possibilities of building and managing your website. It is a system used by millions of websites all over the world. Blogs, personal websites, company websites, online shops, information portals, catalogues... to mention more?

It doesn't matter what your idea is. WordPress gives you the foundation to create and launch the project you need. If you are interested in more details about this CMS, I refer you to the article WordPress review.



One of my favourite WordPress themes. I'm not the only one who likes it, but it's not surprising because it's not only optimized for performance, which I personally attach a lot of importance to, but it also gives people who are just starting their adventure with their own website the possibility to launch it in no time. It can be compared to popular website builders with the main difference that in combination with Elementor, with which it cooperates perfectly and of course with WordPress itself, it gives you incomparably more possibilities than any other website builder available on the market today.

The theme is available in two versions. The free version, which we use in the video above, will allow you to run your company's website or even an online shop without any problems. You can find the description and the movie on which we set up a shop based on this theme in the article "How to set up an online shop“.

The free version of the theme offers you extremely high configuration options, which is quite unique because usually the free versions of skins have limited possibilities in this field and only the PRO versions (paid) open more doors. In the case of OceanWP you have a very wide range of configuration options right from the start, which makes this theme even more attractive.

The paid version of the theme gives you access to additional extensions that enhance the capabilities of the skin. You can find more information about it on the theme's author page.



In the video I mentioned another great theme called Astra. If you want to see how to launch a website analogically using this theme I invite you to read the article "Website in 5 minutes". Of course you will also find the film there.

How long will it take to get your website up and running?

Literally a few minutes. On our film it takes longer because I talk a lot, but if you follow the instructions you will be able to set up your website literally in a few minutes. It took me less than 4 minutes without filming 🙂 Then all that's left is to edit the content, add your own subpages, configure the look according to your needs, if you want to change it of course.

What do I need to launch such a site?

First of all you need a willingness and a bit of time to get to know the tools. As with everything, when you touch something new, you need to spend some time getting to know the possibilities, the way it works so you know where and what to click to get one end result or another.

You also need server space, i.e. hosting and domain name. You can find recommended hosting accounts for WordPress in the Hosting section. You can choose from economical shared plans, or traditional hosting, as well as special accounts dedicated exclusively to sites running on WordPress. Depending on your needs and budget, choose the account that suits you.

Below you will find a WordPress installation guide that does not require you to have any advanced IT knowledge. Here is an example of WordPress installation on a dedicated account. Want to see how it looks on a classic account? Take a look at . here.

You also need a domain name, but you can get this with a hosting account for free for a year. A more detailed description of what you need to set up a website can be found on the subpage:

Look ahead

If building your own site literally scares you at first, don't back down. Everything new seems difficult at first, that's natural. However, if you are consistent in what you do, if you want to learn not only how to build it, but also how to manage it, how to take care of it and finally how to use it to generate more and more sales, traffic and new customers, you will achieve your goal.

Visit JZS, read texts and watch videos. Soak up the knowledge you have here at your fingertips and put it into practice. In some time you will amaze yourself 🙂 .


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