WordPress + Elementor is a combination that allows virtually any website creation. The only important thing is to get to know these tools well, which is not that complicated - refer to WordPress coursewhere we also touch on Elementor, and even Elementora Pro.

In the meantime, in this article I will show you some random pages created using this duo. 

Sometimes I get questions like "Can you actually make attractive pages on Elementor without coding?". Yes, it is.

What you need, as I mentioned before, is time to get familiar with WordPress and Elementor itself, as well as some creativity and ingenuity. However, ideas start to come to mind like mushrooms after a rain if you know what tool you have and what it can do. That's the key.

You'll find so much inspiration yourself that you may at times feel almost overwhelmed by it.

Let's take a look at some examples of websites created as a duo WordPress + Elementor.

This is the website of an American pet food manufacturer. There are two characters in the foreground, which is sure to momentarily catch the attention of dog lovers. From what the authors write, the studio photo was specially prepared in the colours of the brand, so orange dominates here, plus white and black. Note how sympathetically the FlipBox widget has been used. Just above the footer you will find a dog and a cat, whose task is to lead you directly to the shop. The whole page was designed on the basis of GeneratePress theme.

This is a website for an application offering users an invoicing, reporting and CRM system operating in SaaS model. The layout is clear, a bit minimalistic with interestingly designed icons. Another cool idea is the logo itself, which gently animates depending on whether you are viewing the content below or at the very top of the page. This site uses of course WordPress and Elementor, and the foundation is WP Bootstrap theme.

Rockscape is a Canadian company specialising in the design of waterfront properties. The theme is rocks, which is also what the company logo is made of. Note that basically all sections of the Elementor widgets, images etc... are cropped in this irregular way, which is also supposed to refer to the shapes of stones. See now the About subpage, where they used irregular shapes in an ingenious way. The site is based on the Bare Bones theme.

Pro Bike Tool


Pro Bike Tool is dedicated to providing the highest quality accessories for cyclists. Their website has basically everything. From descriptive pages to an online shop with brilliantly described products, a VIP members area, a blog and advice also in video form. You can see that the author put a lot of effort into creating this website. It certainly took him some time, but the effect is visible. The website uses the Astra theme.

A company that rents minibuses, from what I have seen they are mainly VW. The buses are equipped in such a way as to make a trip with them on a family trip pleasant and comfortable.

Clear and functional site also uses Elementor in places like custom post types, booking system or multilingualism. Website based on the Astra theme.

The Hungarian SaaS company is a provider of professional online marketing tools for website owners. Their tools are already used by over 5000 websites in 150 countries. 

The site itself has a clear structure and modern style, but what really stands out is the monk, which is hand illustrated and placed in strategic locations. The contrast between the design of the monk and the modern style of the site clearly exposes him. It's as if he doesn't fit in there a bit, and yet he does. The site is based on the Hello Elementor theme.

Mr. Lenses of Israel is one of the leaders in the eyeglass lenses industry. It is both a manufacturer and distributor with operations in 25 countries.

You can see that a lot of work has been put into the website. It is very comprehensive and carefully designed. From the header to the footer, every detail captures the attention of visitors. The designer has used a variety of Elementor widgets to showcase products and other elements of the site in creative ways. The mega-menu is almost full-screen and allows visitors to quickly find every part of the site. The whole site was created based on the GeneratePress theme.

WINT (Water Intelligence Technology) is a company that has developed a system that detects leaks in real time using artificial intelligence. WINT devices alert service staff at, for example, a hotel and can automatically turn off the water when necessary.

The WINT website is, above all, a clear message. Blue, which is the dominant colour of the brand can be seen basically everywhere. The designer managed to create a fluid structure using rounded images and typography, as well as an entrance animation. The whole design is based on the Phlox Pro theme.

X-Combat is nothing less than paintball in the Tel-Aviv area of Israel. 

Their website shows the full features of the new Elementor capabilities that have come to the Pro version since issue 2.5 - check out the article "Elementor Pro 2.5 - what's new?". This is all about the motion effects of individual page objects. On the front you have the choice between a paintball and a laser and no matter what you choose next, on the subpages you will also find other ideas for using Motion Elementor effects. Click around and see how much work and ingenuity the author has put into this site. The site is based on Hello Elementor.

This OnePage (I'm not a fan of them) belongs to the Vital Hat brand, an American company that makes baseball caps with those special holes for sunglasses ears 🙂

The design of the site uses the theme of their logo, which is the triangular shapes you find almost everywhere. This dynamic geometric pattern is combined with an earthy colour palette, photos and a product video. The whole looks very modern. The website uses the GeneratePress theme.


This is just a small selection of sites created with Elementor. In practice you will find thousands of them. Elementor is used on many different types of websites, often in completely different industries.

Among our ten most noteworthy are basic themes on which the pages have been created. This mainly involves GeneratePress, Astra i Hello Elementor, themes very well optimised, fast and efficient.

No ready-made pages are used. You may know, but in Astra as well as in Generate Press in the Pro version you can import ready-to-edit pages. Just edit them, insert your own content and you're done. In these cases, however, the authors have implemented their own ideas using Elementor rather than relying on ready-made templates. This requires a good knowledge of both WordPress and Elementor itself.

If you are persistent and get to know both of these tools well, there is nothing stopping you from creating such sites yourself after a while. Remember that the tools at your disposal enable you to do so. There is nothing to do but act 🙂 - you can do it.


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  1. X-Combat on the desktop is great. Is this all done in Elementor or is it due to the theme?

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