It's never too much to talk about security, is it? 🙂 Indeed, it's a sea topic, and the solutions with which we can increase the level of security are quite numerous, not to say a lot. A relatively young tool that I have not yet written about on How to Make a Website and on MeetWP is WEBTOTEM.

Where did WebTotem come from?

An interesting fact is the following. The team creating the software is generally international, but the headquarters of the company is no other place than Poland 🙂 And this is the first nice news, because it always makes me happy to use a good tool that has real connections with the country on the Vistula.

Admittedly, the support answers only in English and I haven't yet found someone with a Polish name, but perhaps one time I will meet a compatriot 🙂 .

What is WebTotem used for?

It is primarily a tool designed to protect our website from attacks and malware. And here is an important piece of information. It is not only a tool for WordPressbecause you can also use it in your own web applications.

However, for WordPress there is a ready-made plugin to download from the repository that fully integrates our site with WebTotem by installing the WAF agent and the Antivirus agent.

WebTotem in the WordPress repository

Description of the plug-in (in Polish) can be found at the address:

What specifically does WebTotem monitor?

WebTotem monitors and secures many areas related to our site, below are some of the most important:


One of the most effective methods of protecting against attacks. Firewall blocks access to our website from suspicious sites. It protects against hackers, bots, SQLi, XSS, spam, Dos and other attacks. If your server does not have sufficient protection in this area, then a firewall installed as WordPress plug-in is indispensable and will certainly protect you from many potential online threats.

You may not realise it, but every day your website is bombarded with hacking attempts of all sorts. You can't see it, but it happens, and the longer the website is online, the more attempts there are.

preview of firewall activity

WebTotem's firewall is constantly learning, so at the start it does not yet block any traffic until it has collected enough data to switch automatically into active protection mode.

In a situation where your WordPress hosting has security features analogous to those listed above, then you can leave the firewall alone or leave it as an additional layer of protection. However, it is worth testing whether there will be any conflicts.


It is primarily a protection against malware, but also a control of files and the changes that occur in them.

data on the scanning of individual files

If malware is detected then with a single click we can decide what to do about it.

Monitoring of resources

We also have monitoring of resources such as operating memory and CPU.

working memory usage

But that's not all. WebTotem monitors the validity of our SSL certificate, reputation and whether we've accidentally been blacklisted, and even website availability:

SSL certificate monitoring, availability and site reputation

What it looks like on the WordPress side

When we decide to install the WebTotem plugin, after installation we need to enter the API key that we generate in the client panel of the service. Once this is done, we will basically have all the statistical data provided on a platter from the WordPress backend. So we don't need to log into the WebTotem website to analyse the status of our site.

WebTotem in your WordPress dashboard

Does WebTotem slow down your website

From my observations so far, the load is minimal. Practically unnoticeable, although certainly not without significance is the size of the site, as well as the number of plugins we have equipped our WordPress with. In any case, when I test WebTotem on JZS I do not see any performance problems.

How much does WebTotem cost?

The cost is reasonable for this type of tool. 10 dollars a month for monitoring one site in the case of basic protection or 30 dollars when more features of the application are available.

WebTotem Price List

It comes out a tad more expensive than WordFence and cheaper than Sucuri.

WebTotem in lifetime offer

I have just written about lifetime offers, you can have a look at the article "Why I recommend lifetime offers"and I immediately present you with another tool worth using, which will bring you significant savings and at the same time take care of the security of your online business.

As I write this article, a lifetime offer is available on AppSumo on sensational terms.

Lifetime offer on AppSumo

Take a look. One $59 code gets you the Professional plan service (the one for $30 per site per month), but in this case you can protect up to 10 of your sites. At the moment, you won't find a more attractive offer for this type of service anywhere.

If you have an agency, take an interest in the higher plan. The highest plan will allow you to secure as many sites as you want and you will only pay for it once. When I saw this offer I couldn't pass it by without reacting. I bought it right away and I am testing it. Even if it does not meet all my expectations at the moment, the service will develop and in some time it may offer even more than it does now.

If we went back to the calculation from the previous article on lifetime offers and assumed that we wanted to secure, say, 10 pages, then:

  • WordFence PRO = $792 / year
  • Sucuri = 1990 dollars / year
  • iThemes Security PRO = $127 / year
  • WebTotem = $59 but one-time payment

This is not to mention the situation when we want to secure any number of pages. Then the savings are even greater, year on year.

If you are as intrigued by WebTotem as I am, you can buy a code and test it. If it turns out that for some reason you do not like it, you can request a refund within 60 days of purchase. Below is a link to the offer on AppSumo.


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