Nowadays, running your own business involves the need to effectively promote your business in various places. Increasing one's popularity on the Internet plays a very important role. Practically every company has its own website on which it promotes its products and services. However, just setting up a website is not enough. It is necessary to take care of appropriate positioning and advertising, and to consider the budget allocated for such activities.

Effective promotion of your own business on the web is not about haphazardly posting ads on various sites or pasting a link to your own site on various sites. It is in fact a very complex process involving many elements, one of which is SEO positioning. You can do it yourself, provided you have the skills, experience and a lot of time. It is much better to hire a good agency, which will take care of this process on behalf of the client. When deciding on such services, it is important to determine your budget.

Elements influencing the positioning budget

Good SEO shop provides a number of different services thanks to which the position of a website in the Google search engine increases, which in turn translates into greater visibility and visits by potential customers who are genuinely interested in specific products or services. Therefore, it may be safely stated that effective SEO positioning has a positive impact on the company's profits, so it is worth investing in such a process. There are many activities and services performed as part of positioning, which have to be paid for. It is worth knowing what elements are important and influence the positioning budget, and then determine the price range.

SEO audit

Audit is a very important process during which all strengths and weaknesses of a positioned website are analysed. The cost of the audit depends on the size of the website and the elements to be analysed. Additionally, as part of the audit, an analysis of competitive websites may be carried out, which also has to be paid for. Recently many SEO agencies perform audit of the website for free, in order to present the best offer to the client later on.

Keyword analysis

Review, determination and selection of specific keywords, for which the website will be positioned. The more keywords there are, the more expensive the analysis and positioning will be. Keywords play a very important role because they are placed on the promoted website and in various materials and content aimed at improving the position of the site in search engines.

Optimisation of the website

It is important not only to saturate the page with keywords, but also to take care of other optimisation activities. The more things that need to be changed and improved (e.g. page structure, article layout, internal linking), the higher the service price will be.

A very weak element of many websites is the content. It turns out that the right content marketing and providing useful information to readers plays an important role in the positioning process. The costs here depend on the quantity, quality, size of the content and the places where it will be published. These costs may involve paying copywriters, specialists for images, videos or social media posts. The more development is needed, the higher the price will be and a larger budget will be needed. External content such as sponsored articles or posts on well positioned websites are also important for promotion. Such sites are willing to provide their space for the publication of content, but this involves the need to prepare high-quality texts (which of course costs money) and to pay for the possibility of publication.

Control, analysis and reports

It is important to constantly analyse activities and modify them to ensure the best possible results. This is a process that must also be paid for. It is important that the reports we receive from companies are thoroughly verified by us. This process will allow us to avoid incurring additional costs for services that were not performed.

What budget should be prepared?

There is no clear answer to the question of developing a budget. In the case of smaller sites requiring little content and few optimisation or keyword activities, the monthly amount will be low. Larger websites may spend even several thousand PLN per month. It all depends on the amount and complexity of the work. Specific price ranges for particular services can be easily found on the Internet. Moreover, every decent SEO agency is able to determine the scope of services required and estimate the budget that the client would need to prepare. This is an estimate that does not commit the client to anything. You can therefore make enquiries with a number of companies and on this basis find out what the average monthly cost of positioning is.

Is there any way to reduce the cost of SEO?

If the budget developed by professionals is too high, it can be reduced. For example, it is possible to prepare the content yourself, provided you have the right knowledge, talent and time. It is also worth paying attention to packages of positioning services. They are usually cheaper compared to individual services paid separately. Remember to choose wisely the keywords that will be positioned, so that the traffic from them converts well and does not bring "empty" entries. Therefore, we recommend focusing on fewer but well-chosen phrases.

To sum up, positioning is a very complex and therefore costly process. However, if done well, it can significantly increase the turnover of a company. The most economical solution is to do it yourself by buying selected services in a seo shop. However, we need to have some knowledge on SEO plan and strategy. A more expensive option is to hire a freelancer or agency. Then you can be sure that your website is being dealt with by specialists in a given field and you can spend your time on acquiring customers from other sources, such as advertising.


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