Every web page you view on the Internet - including this one - is hosted on what is known as a server, which in simple terms is a high-performance computer configured as a network machine. Confusing? Rest assured, read on 🙂 .

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What is hosting

If you ask yourself "What is hosting?"On the one hand, the answer is complex if you want to go into technical details. On the other hand, it is extremely simple if we define it simply as a piece of disk space on a networked computer.

Your website is a file

In order for it to look the way it does, to have this and that functionality, it probably runs on a CMS system of your choice, an online shop engine, or it is a simple static page written in HTML/CSS.

No matter what it is or will be when you create it, it has its files, which you have to house somewhere. They need to have a home, and this house is hosting.

How does it work?

When someone types the address of your website into the browser bar or clicks on a link found in Google search results, this triggers a series of actions. First, the address that is readable to us (www.twojastrona.pl) is translated by DNS servers into the IP address of the server where the website is hosted. This is the number of the house where it lives on the longest street in the world called Internet.

Then the server, hosting or if you prefer the home of your site receives a request to send it to the visitor's browser. If everything on it works correctly the page appears in all its glory.

What you're doing at the moment clicking around this blog is knocking on the door and asking for the content of one sub-page or another that interests you to be let out.

Hosting for big and small

what is shared hosting

Your site's house may be bigger or smaller, and it may be better or worse equipped. Just like in life. If your site is growing, it needs more and more living space, and when more and more people start knocking at its house you also need to ensure that the house responds quickly and that the site has free access to the exit, because knockers don't like to wait too long.

In practice, this means that, depending on the size of your site and how many people will be viewing it, and how it is developed, it could mean at some point having to move to another, larger or less populated home.

When starting out, you will probably live in a typical multi-family building. So you will be sharing a house (server) with other websites. This is known as a "home". shared hosting. What is shared hosting? To answer simply, it's one house and multiple residents.

When your party at some point feels that it's starting to get too cramped, that they can't get out of the house as quickly as they'd like and as visitors expect them to, because on the way to the front door, every now and then one of the other residents substitutes their way in, that's a sign that you need to seriously think about moving.

There are many ways to move, which depends on the real needs of your site. Sometimes it's enough to move to a lower floor of the same building (i.e. changing your hosting account plan to a more efficient one), from where you have a shorter route to the exit, or you change the building completely by choosing another multi-family house, or going even further you mature the decision to live in your own single-family house (e.g. dedicated server).

As you can see, hosting just like our flats and houses offers different quality of life. Depending on your needs, you choose one that will be able to meet your goals at a given stage of development.

How much does hosting cost?

Hosting account costs

First of all, don't go for slumming, i.e. the cheapest or even free hosting. Such a house will not provide you with sufficient comfort and quality of life for your website especially if it is of a business nature and its purpose is to attract new clients, increase sales etc.

Hosting accounts for someone who wants to run a typical business card site for their company or a small blog and feel comfortable, are costs starting between £100-200 per year. The first year is usually cheaper.

The better the quality of service, the higher the prices areBut of course this is not the rule. So also choose companies with experience. Quality can mean a better equipped house and fewer inhabitants, which will directly translate into the speed with which your website will function. Speed, in turn, is not unimportant. Today it has an increasing influence not only on the perception of a website by visitors, but also on rankings in search results e.g. Google.

Better multi-family houses (still shared hosting), are costs already counted in tens or hundreds of zlotys, but monthly. Take for example: SiteGround. On the other hand, VPS, dedicated servers and the like are even more expensive, because here you have to take care of the whole house yourself, carry out repairs, etc... If you can't do that, you have to hire someone to do it for you, and that costs money.

Very large services have huge houses or even entire estates. Take Facebook or Google, for example. There is no way that such services can function on a single server. These are services that have huge estates at their disposal. So you can imagine how huge costs are generated by the whole server infrastructure. Of course, this is an extreme example, but it is worth knowing that a lot of smaller websites also work on many servers, properly connected with each other, creating various configurations.

How to choose your hosting

How to choose your hosting

I think you already know what web hosting is and thus are able to answer the question of how to choose it.

You choose your hosting according to your needs, specifically the needs of your website and your business. As I mentioned don't just look at the priceThis is often a direct route to problems. Hosting accounts that cost the mentioned 100-200 PLN per year are usually sufficient for the beginning, especially if you want to launch a small website. But if you need a higher level of comfort and quality right away and a budget of a few dozen PLN per month is not a problem for you, go ahead and choose a better quality service. It will only work in your favour.

What hosting do I recommend for a small site?

Take a look at these packages: https://jak-zrobic-strone.pl/hosting/

These are high-performance hosting accounts operating in an environment of LiteSpeed Server. When you choose such a multi-family house for your site, you will get a well-equipped assisted living facility at a very good price right off the bat. In addition, there is a discount for JZS readers for the first subscription period at 50%. Simply enter the promotional code when ordering your account JZS and ready.

For the more demanding who want even higher comfort, but here a note, only for those who run their site on the system WordPress, I recommend managed hosting, dedicated to this CMS. You can find packages of these services at: https://jak-zrobic-strone.pl/hosting-wordpress/

This hosting is more expensive, however it offers much more for WordPress users than typical shared hosting services. It's even able to perform a free SEO audit for you, which will help you better optimise your site for search engines. However, that's not all. By opting for annual billing, you have the option to take onLine courses at no extra cost.

Both mentioned series of services, which in short can be described as economic and premium, were created on the basis of several years of experience of the company in the hosting services sector. They guarantee high quality at an attractive price, great additional tools and support, and what is priceless, peace of mind 🙂 .

Do you already know what hosting is?

I hope that with this description I have brought you in a simple and illustrative way the issue of hosting. I have tried to do it in such a way that people who meet the subject for the first time were able to illustrate the issue. Now when someone asks you a question "what is hosting?", you will be able to briefly and accurately highlight the topic.

If you need support with building a website (hosting is just its home), take a look at https://poznajwp.pl. Flagship WordPress Course for Beginners will reveal all the secrets of this system to you. You are invited.


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  1. I am ashamed to admit it, but I am one of those who thought the domain was their website. When I got an invoice from the hosting company for my hosting I made a fuss. Afterwards, when I cooled down, I felt stupid because I realised exactly what you write about, that an address is just an address. It's nice that such a text was created and in such a form, because maybe it will protect the blameless employees of BOK hosting companies from such a rascals like me, he he. Greetings and I wish you only success. Mietex.

    1. Well you made me laugh Mietex 😀 There are indeed situations like this, but there's no need to blame ignorant customers. Everyone learns all the time. If you yelled at the hosting service, it's hard to say. The most important thing is that at some point there is a reflection 🙂 .

      1. Oh I shouted, I shouted

  2. I know what hosting is. I am past that stage now, but the way you have compared it to home hosting is a revelation to me. The accounts you offer are also a great service. I know because I have one and I appreciate it 🙂 .

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