A short text, a bit refreshed after 5 years, from which you will learn what you need to launch your own website.

To launch your own website you need three things, well maybe four. Hosting, domain, website files and the will to run it. The first three elements can be provided at the highest level, as for the fourth... it can vary 🙂 I assume that the will is there and will not evaporate.

Hosting - a piece of space on a server that can be used to publish web pages, install specialised web applications, e-mail, etc. It is important that such a service provides the user with convenient management, stability and speed of operation. Therefore, for over 15 years I have been constantly improving the services offered to my clients in this area. Information about available packages can be found on the website: Hosting.

Domain - is the address where your website will be available. It is a very important element, so it is good that the name is as short as possible and easy to remember. 

Website - From where, how and where? On your hosting account you have something like cPanel (if you use my services). This is a modern hosting account management panel that allows you to easily configure all the most important features of the service. You can also find here scripts ready to install with one mouse click such as WordPress, Joomla and others. No IT knowledge is required, just the ability to use a mouse and keyboard. Website Builder is an addition to cPanel for beginner webmasters and for people who, for various reasons, do not want or cannot spend much time on technical issues. Several hundred ready-made templates give you a lot of possibilities. Whether you choose to install WordPress, a description of which you will find hereIt doesn't really matter whether you choose a website creator or not. The important thing is that you choose the tool that suits you best, and then it should go downhill.

Willingness - They are, and if so, there is nothing left for you to do but dig through the texts on this blog. You will find a lot of practical tips related to building and running your own website.


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  1. and how I could make a website where users could
    Host your own website?

    1. It's impossible to describe it in a comment 🙂

    2. He, well then you would rather have to start your own hosting company or write some software and provide such services in the saas model or something like that.

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