You may have had experiences with running an online shop. You may have created it while very excited about the fact that your life is about to change dramatically. You have put a lot of work into your shop, you have invested in a good WordPress hostinginto the top plugins and theme, and then you waited.... Unfortunately nothing was happening. You sold a few products crosswise, or maybe nothing at all.

Perhaps you are now before your second attempt, but you are seriously wondering whether your previous actions were a mistake and whether there is even any point in taking on the challenge once again. Let me tell you that your previous experience was not a mistake! They gave you new knowledge that you can now put to better use.

There are many areas that you should take care of more intensely than before, and one of them is shop performance. You'll find a lot of people who will tell you that there's no chance of running a fast shop based on WooCommerce, but that's not true. There are many WordPress and WooCommerce based ecommerce projects on the web that generate millions of dollars in annual revenue (not income). Would you like to join such a group? Ba... 🙂 .

I've written quite a bit about productivity, but it's a never-ending topic that, like the internet and our behaviours with it, continues to evolve. It's often the case that most people I talk to say: "I know a fast shop will sell better", but when I ask why? It turns out that almost no one can make a sensible case for it. "It's just that when a shop runs faster people are more likely to buy". This is true, but sometimes it's useful to break this down into smaller elements to better understand the mechanisms that influence purchase decisions. Here are some of them.

Customers will be delighted

If your website is slow, people visiting it subconsciously feel frustration, which means they won't leave their money with you. Imagine walking into a conventional shop and feeling uncomfortable. The salesperson doesn't come up, even though you've been waiting for a long time. At some point, your frustration turns into annoyance, you turn your back and leave. It is exactly the same on the Internet.

I know I'm not saying anything right now that you don't know, but if you think about how you feel when a page takes forever to load, you know exactly what's going on. And when everything loads in a flash, you're happy. Customer satisfaction is one of the success factors you can achieve by running a well-optimised online shop.


When your website is slow, people flee from it and that's basically their only activity. When the shop is fast, the same customers spend more time there. They are more likely to click on the tabs, the product categories and the products themselves. This allows them to get to know your shop better, which creates an invisible bond between the two of you that is sure to result in better conversion rates.

Your customers don't have time, they are busy

More and more online sales are made via mobile devices. Why? Not because we all sit at home with nothing to do, or because we like our phones better than big computer screens. No. It's because we're all busy. We are constantly on the move. This means we don't have much time. If your website takes too long to load or it takes a long time to get from one page to the next, I run away from it, but then I'll come back... In practice, they never come back or extremely rarely.

Customers can shop elsewhere

OK, if you have unique products that nobody else has, you have a good position, but if they are products like your competitors' or very similar, don't count on the fact that a nice slider on the home page will make everyone want to buy only from you. Shop should be as simple as possible and should give quick access to products, not ornaments that make it work slower.

If the shop is overloaded with gadgets, badly optimised or worse, not optimised at all, it will never be fast, and if it is not, you can be sure that a potential customer will find that those products that are with you will look elsewhere.

Customers abandon their shopping carts

I remember once getting a call from a student on MeetWP and said that something was wrong with his shop because he had a very high abandoned cart rate. I asked how big. The answer: 45%. I said that's a very good result and it actually is. Normally, shopping cart abandonment is on average 70%, which means that out of 10 people who add something to the basket, only 3 finalize the purchase.

However, if your shop is slow this indicator may be even higher, and in extreme cases you may be close to 100% abandonment which you certainly don't want. A fast shop, on the other hand, will make the number of abandonments, although not drop to zero, it will definitely be lower. If you manage to achieve 45% you should be very happy with yourself.

Customers are willing to spend more

Provided that the experience they have in your shop is good for them. Convenience in navigation, the ability to easily customise products and all other simplifications and, of course, the speed of the shop will encourage them to buy more products. You can be sure of that.

Anything that speeds up purchases has a positive effect

In addition to the loading speed of your shop pages, you can't forget about optimising your shopping processes. More and more services are appearing that add a quick order button, and they are increasingly performing better than the standard mechanisms. The shopping cart abandonments I wrote about earlier are also the result of an overly complex ordering process. If you can simplify it to the necessary minimum, do so, and you will probably record another increase in sales.


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