You do not have a company website - your company does not Therefore, it is important to carefully consider and create a user- and search website for users and search engines. A good corporate website should consist of three elements: graphics, subpages content and blog.

Template and graphics for company website

First impressions are keyWhether it is the interaction between people or the interaction between a potential customer and the company. The layout of a company's website creates a first impression, which is often the key to starting cooperation. An unfriendly template and colour scheme on the website may cause subconscious discomfort to the user and he will quickly leave the site.

Graphic design of a website is a complicated, so it is worth relying on the experience of a professional. The style of graphic style is chosen depending on the industry in which the enterprise, target group of potential clients, as well as the logo, if it already been prepared.

Content on the company website

Entering any company website, most often on the sub-page "About us" we come across a standard text: "We are a company with many years of experience and we are professionals in the industry". Of course, experience is very important, but such a text will not interest a potential customer. All content on the website, starting with the "About us" subpage and ending with the "Contact us" tab they should communicate your vision and mission for your companybecause content written "from the heart" is much better received by users.

Writing texts for a company website of high Quality texts should be commissioned to a copywriter with experience in creating persuasive persuasive content, although the best texts will be the fruit of cooperation between a copywriter and owner of the company.

A subpage about your company

It is worth dedicating one sub-page to introduce your company to potential clients and colleagues. Tell your business story and make yourself known! A common practice on company websites is to include a section with photos of employees. It is easier to make contacts when you know who is on the other side. When your potential customer sees a nice, smiling face on a subpage, they will surely want to contact you!

Show off your portfolio too. If you have worked with well-known brands - that's something to be proud of! Do you have references and opinions? Great! This will also make your business more trustworthy for others.

Contact form

Don't forget the contact page with your company address, telephone and e-mail address. On the contact page on your contact page, it's a good idea to include a form to make communicating with you easier. Visitors to your website won't have to open their mail, copy your address and write an e-mail, they will just send a message to you simply, quickly and conveniently from your website.

Blog - the best way to position a company website

A blog on a company's website is a place to post news related to the functioning of the company, as well as a source of interesting industry information. On a blog we can write about practically everything that is in one way or another related to our activity. What is more, it is worth knowing that Search engines, such as Google, highly value quality content. Websites with a regularly updated company blog can often be found in the first positions in search results.

In conclusion, a company website, which serves as an electronic showcase of your business on the web, should not only tell a story about you, but do so in a way that is user and search engine algorithm friendly. There are many systems and tutorials on how you can make a company website yourself step by step, however, it is worthwhile to outsource the creation of a website to professionals who are highly knowledgeable not only in website creation, but also in online advertising. In this case, you can be sure that you will get a high-quality company website, which will be fully compliant with the requirements of search engines, and its positioning will be much easier.

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