After I published the text on landing parties, I got questions about this what a well-designed sales page should have. Is there any recipe for its effectiveness?

Do not be distracted

First of all, you should realise that a landing page, or landing page if you prefer, is a tool aimed at one specific goal. If the goal is to sell, then not any product from your shop, but one specific one. Therefore, get rid of any distractions that will draw a potential customer away from buying.

If you've taken the trouble to go through the sample landing pages, you've surely noticed that most of them don't even have a menu. It's a bit like an independent page for just one product, service, gift in exchange for signing up to a mailing list, etc... The designer didn't forget about the menu 🙂 It's just one of those elements that can negatively affect the purchase decision. Someone clicks on the ad, launches the landing page and instead of focusing on a specific product gets the idea to click around the shop. The chance of conversion drops dramatically.

Make it fast

A slow landing page, also means a lower conversion rate. Simply put, such a page will generate less return on investment for your campaigns. Make sure you have well-configured caching mechanisms (take a look at the article The best cache plug-in) and optimise graphics. If these measures do not work, carefully analyse what is causing the page speed is unsatisfactory and try to improve it. It may be necessary to change hosting to a stronger one or to change the operator, perhaps the problem is generated by a badly chosen theme or a set of plug-ins. Unfortunately, there can be many reasons for this.

Don't promise pears on a tree

One of the worst mistakes you can make that can completely ruin your business is using false promises. I've seen inexperienced marketers use similar tactics just to get visitors to provide their email addresses. When your subscribers find out that you're not being honest with them and are outright lying, you'll see a huge rate of unsubscribes or returns, bad reviews and terrible customer feedback. Can you afford to do that?

Don't ask for too much

If your landing page is for signing up to a mailing list in exchange for some lead magnet (gift) don't create elaborate forms. A name and email or even just an email address will usually suffice. The more you complicate the sign-up or purchase process, the more potential customers will let go and you will make fewer sales.

Do not post long videos

This is also a common mistake. A landing page and a video that lasts 20 minutes... Who will watch that! Only a small percentage of those seriously interested in what you are offering, who would have made a purchase anyway. Those still unconvinced will watch a minute or two and patience will run out, especially when they see on the progress bar that they are actually still at the beginning of the video.

Focus on the goal

Did I mention concentrating on one objective? I did. In practice I know that this is not always the case, because we want to kill as many birds as possible with one stone. How about making a landing page with two products, or maybe five, so that the potential customer has a choice? In my opinion, this is a serious mistake and another distraction that will cause conversion drops. Concentrate on achieving one goal and don't add more, as this will only create unnecessary confusion and generate losses for you.

If you want to sell more, then find out what are sales funnels and learn how to build them. They will enable you to increase sales by offering additional products or services without distracting your customers.

Show a clear call to action (CTA)

Fortunately, this is already rare, if only because most tools you work with offer you ready-made templates for landing pages that take this important element into account. However, there are still some landing page designs that only contain a product description and a modest link to the shop.

A call to action is an element that provokes a potential customer to take a specific action, e.g. to make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter, receive a gift, etc. It can take the form of a featured text, image or button designed to stand out.

Use social proof

Social proof shows how much your personality or your product is accepted and appreciated by the market. Adding some social proof elements on your landing page can make conversions jump to a higher level. However, you should avoid falsifying social proof, which unfortunately is a common practice explained like this: "I'm just starting out so I don't have any opinions yet, so I need to come up with some". Do not do this. Wait for the first feedback and then post it.

Test continuously

And I mean that literally. A landing page without continual testing will not only soon lose its power, but will never gain enough of it to give you maximum benefit. And that, unfortunately, is another major mistake. Out of 10 cases I come into contact with probably 9 don't do any testing. Sometimes I wonder who taught these people the basics of online marketing. I understand the conscious decision. I don't test because I don't want to and that's it, but these people are completely unaware of it. Someone on the course said to run a landing page for a Facebook campaign with countdown timer then that's what they did, thinking that was it and it should go round.

A/B or wider A/B/X testing is key to the success of any landing page. You can create experiments by checking which headline text will be more effective, which colour of the CTA button, which photo... You can test everything and you should test everything, because this is the only way to increase and then maintain the conversion at the highest possible level.

results of A/B tests

There are a lot of tools for A/B testing. One day I will write a separate text on this topic and share a few worthy of attention. The vast majority of them are paid tools and not necessarily cheap, but with a bit of effort you can implement on your website Google Optimize and experiment with different variations of the landing page.

Attractive headline

I left the headline for last. Why? Because if you implement A/B testing, you will inevitably end up with a version of it that converts well. The title or headline of your landing page plays a huge role in keeping visitors on the page. If you have cool ideas for catchy headlines then great! If you don't, there are plenty of examples online that you can follow, and in the end, testing will still determine the winner 🙂


I hope I have shed some more light on what is important from the point of view of landing pages. If I had to pick out the key features from among those listed, they would be: speed, no distractions and testing, testing and more testing.

In reality, there is no single recipe for an effective landing page. Every business is different, has a different narrative and a different target audience. If such a recipe actually existed everyone would be making money, but only those who understand perfectly what a landing page is and how to use it effectively to increase sales in a business are making money.


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