The new year has brought new trends in web design. Among them, there are many interesting solutions which are worth introducing to your website. Above all, it will be the year of mobile and positive user experience. What else is worth betting on in 2019 when designing your website? Be sure to check out our 10 hot trends in web design.

Focus on mobile

As the statistics show, more and more websites are being browsed via mobile devices and these will rule in 2019. What does this mean in practice? Websites fully adapted to be viewed on phones, which look as if they were designed specifically for them - they load quickly and apply solutions known from mobile applications.

Minimalism still in favour

Minimalism is a trend that has been around for several seasons now, and there is no sign of it coming to an end. On the contrary, simple website design - white background, minimalist content, large margins, spacing, conservative colours, simple navigation - is still in vogue and has a large group of followers. Minimalist design and concise messages effectively attract attention and allow the user to focus on what is really important.

Goodbye to sliders

We're definitely saying goodbye to sliders laden with marketing slogans, which escape from view every now and then and change so quickly that it's impossible to keep up with them. Specialists have researched that most users do not pay attention to them at all and automatically scroll down the page to get to the right content. What instead of silders? A single graphic or text, a hero-image, i.e. a large photo of a product or a composition with the product, in which it is the main character, or a slider in a new version, i.e. vertically scrolling, at the same time playing the role of navigation and referring to sub-pages.

Video in the foreground

Who among us likes reading elaborations on the Internet? Hardly anyone. We are looking for specific and condensed knowledge on a subject that interests us. And at the same time we like to watch videos, which carry additional value and can convey more information than text alone. Therefore, in 2019, videos, graphics and infographics will rule

Infinity scroll - or endless scrolling

Endless page scrolling is a trend taken from our social networking habits. Instead of clicking through pages it will scroll down, down and down again, and content and graphics will automatically load. It will be fast and convenient, and new developments - support for JavaScript asynchronicity - will make infinity scrolling fully search engine friendly.

We focus on touch

As we've already mentioned, mobile rules in 2019, and with it touchscreens. What's more - more and more laptops have them too. When creating a website, it is therefore worth rethinking the use of 'mouseover' effects, as they are invisible on mobile devices, and rather go in the direction of interesting and clear solutions for the user related to touch navigation.

Black is new white

White backgrounds are everywhere, so this trend is perfect for those who are already a little bored with them. Black backgrounds are elegant and equally minimalistic, and they allow a website to stand out. Until now we have been wary of using black backgrounds - and perhaps rightly so - mainly due to the technology of screens, which were not very good at bringing out the dark colour, and also reflected everything possible, making it quite inconvenient to use such websites. Nowadays, the devices available on the market are equipped with increasingly better screens, so that the blacks are deep and the page is readable.

Simplicity and symmetry 

Simple solutions always stand up for themselves and this also applies to the design of web layouts. Simplicity and symmetry are highly desirable and bring many positives. Firstly, it fits perfectly into the minimalist trend. Secondly, it makes it easier to scale the page, so it looks just as good on both mobile devices and laptops. Thirdly, they make the site clear and pleasant to browse.

UX above all

In 2019, we care about UX or User Experience as never before. Websites should draw on the solutions we know from popular mobile apps or social media, and thus be as friendly as possible. Let's look for inspiration, let's observe the competition, let's test even these seemingly trivial ideas which are to increase positive user experience.

Fast, faster, fastest

We bet on the speed and efficiency of websites. Nobody likes to wait for a page to load, so it is worth applying a few tricks already at the website design stage to speed up its operation. Websites should be fast, useful and at the same time save the battery of mobile devices. Sounds promising, right?

Author: Anna Kaleta, Interactive Agency Intellect


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