Whether you want to become a backend or frontend developer, the first steps of learning programming are similar. You need to master the basics, know where to look for them, and how to get the experience you need for a professional job.

Where to start learning programming so you don't lose motivation and keep improving your skills? There are a few rules and places that every budding coder should know.

Where to start?

Programming is a broad field where you can work on many fronts: from creating websites, to mobile applications, to defining the behaviour of an autonomous cleaning robot. At the very beginning, however, it's worth learning the basics that will show you the results of your work right away. Many experienced developers took their first steps writing in Python. It is a simple language whose syntax largely resembles English and just one line is enough to write a function correctly. Python is also one of the fastest growing languages in Big Data and Machine Learning. Mastering it will quickly enable you to gain employment in companies developing artificial intelligence tasks.

If you've never had to deal with writing code, you can also get started with JavaScript. It's the second simplest language that's used in web application development. You encounter it every day in your web browser, and all you have to do to preview it is press F12 on your computer keyboard. There is no shortage of interest in JavaScript programmers on the job market. If you want to turn your passion into an income, then exploring the mysteries of JavaScript but also Node.js is a good choice.

Accessible starter materials

Where to get the materials to get started? One of the best places is a programming course. Some schools, such as Codecool, for example, offer their students the option to learn onsite or remotely. In addition to mentor support, you get access to an e-learning and communication platform that you can use from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day. A professionally delivered programming course combines theoretical knowledge with practice. On the website https://codecool.com/pl/ You will find out what materials are waiting for you, you will get acquainted with an innovative teaching method such as mastery based learning and you will get the information necessary to obtain funding.

Programming school is also worth considering in terms of gaining soft skills. The industry-specific English language, the SCRUM software development technique, as well as the ability to run international projects in distributed teams are valuable on the job market and additionally scored among employers. Codecool, through its partnerships with partner companies, provides employment for every graduate upon successful completion of the programming course and opens the gates to careers in companies such as IBM and Motorola.

It is also worth following channels on YouTube, where experienced developers share their tips and demonstrate step-by-step the creation of simple applications that teach the language environment. It's also a good idea to look for daily inspiration on GitHub and use discussion groups to help young developers get started.


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