ERP system is a basic IT tool used by more and more modern companies. It is ideally suited to companies selling online through their own e-shop. Enterprise management software can be easily integrated with the shop's website and allow for more efficient, effective and successful internet sales.

ERP system

ERP system - is it profitable for a small company to invest in it?

E-shops are run by both large, international companies and small, often one-man businesses that distribute goods only on a local or nationwide scale. In the case of medium and large companies, there is no doubt that the ERP system is a solution that is definitely worth reaching for. Contrary to appearances, the situation is similar in case of small companies - they will also greatly benefit from the implementation of this modern, highly functional IT solution.

There are many systems available on the market, the functionality of which may be adapted not only to the needs of a company, but also to its size and scale of its operations. An example of universal ERP class software is enova 365 - a solution by Soneta dedicated to small, medium and large enterprises. It is available in three versions, which differ in the offered functionalities, including the number of supported warehouses and purpose in view of the size of the company. The modules available within the silver version of the enova 365 system enable efficient management of a small and medium-sized company, warehouse management and its integration with an online shop.

Small business

Enova 365 as a tool for e-shop management

The silver version is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized companies conducting online sales and settling accounts using the revenue and expense ledger. Its functionality allows for the management of one warehouse, and its integration with the enova 365 system facilitates sales processes, including order processing, contacts with the customer, accounting and exchange of information on products and company logistics. It enables full automation and efficient realisation of purchase and sales processes within an online shop.

Implementation of an ERP system and its integration with an e-shop allows to avoid costly and problematic mistakes by improving the implementation of all processes related to online sales. The lack of integration between the ERP system and the e-shop can cause numerous complications in the sales process, difficulties in booking inventory and costly errors and mistakes for the company. Implementation of an appropriate system to manage the company is not only important from the point of view of the company - its customers will also benefit, whose level of satisfaction with the cooperation will significantly increase. As part of the system enova 365 This is because the CRM module is available, which enables the company to manage customer relations from a single, highly functional solution.


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