I have noticed that not a small group of participants in my courses on MeetWP manages its entries on the sites WordPress using mobile devices - mainly smartphones. When I ask how exactly you work on your phone, the most common answer I get is "I log into the browser and it works. What kind of question is that, after all, WordPress cockpit is responsive". I ask in such a situation are you happy, is it convenient for you? The answer is almost always the same: "It may not be particularly convenient, but the article can be entered or changed / corrected."

Make your life easier!

It turns out that most of my interviewees aren't even aware that WordPress has its own app on both Google Play and the AppStore. When I talk about it, they make big eyes and it falls "really?" with disbelief.

Yes my dears you have at hand an application that will make it easier for you to work with WordPress on devices with small screens. In the case of tablets it doesn't particularly matter, because the screen is big enough to work with WP comfortably without having to install an additional app. For example, I write this article exactly like this and I'm not complaining 🙂 .

WordPress content editing dashboard on tablet

However, it is a tablet so it has a much larger screen. For smartphones, I strongly recommend using the app.

WordPress on Android

Try it and compare the convenience of what you run in a browser on a small screen versus the interface of a mobile app. It looks more or less like this:

As you can see, you can add and edit entries and pages, and conveniently manage their configuration. We even have the possibility to use Gutenberg blocks, although the fact is, they are not all here and the blocks that other plugins add will not appear either. We only have the most important, basic blocks, which is usually enough if you use your smartphone as a tool to publish blog articles using Gutenberg.

WordPress for iOS

The application is very similar although we will find some differences and in my opinion in favour of Android. Nevertheless, it is also a convenient tool, which presents itself as follows:

Does it look similar? Of course, the similarities can be seen at first glance. Applications are slightly different only in the way they react to certain actions that we take and as I wrote I personally like the Android version better. It is also more fully translated into Polish.

Where to download applications for WordPress from

As I mentioned in the introduction, applications are available on Google Play and AppStore. Depending on what device you are using search in one of these two places. Just type "WordPress" in the search engine and you should easily find what you're looking for 🙂 .

What you can see above is that the newer version of the app has appeared faster on the AppStore. In Play, still a version one number lower, but this is more a matter of Google approving the update, which apparently takes longer than for Apple.


If you have not checked this application yet, you should definitely do so. It is worth having such a tool at hand, because sometimes in the least expected circumstances we find a mistake, or someone else finds it and we may want to make an immediate correction. Using this application this task will be much easier and less stressful.

What about when we are waiting somewhere else? We can use this time to prepare a draft of a new blog article. For this purpose the application will be perfect.

What if we use Elementor or another builder instead of Gutenberg? (You can find information about them in the article about page builders for WordPress).

In this case, unfortunately, the application will be less useful. You will not be able to build a subpage based on Elementor with it. Only Gutenberg comes into play.

If you want to improve something on a page arranged in the builder, you will have to log into it in a browser, preferably Chrome, and try. However, I would like to warn you right away that working with Elementor on a smartphone is a pain and sometimes it might be better for your well-being to skip the experiment and come back to the publication when you are on your computer.

Remember that not all pages or articles on your blog need to be laid out in a builder like Elementor. Use Gutenberg where possible and make your smartphone app an effective support for your work.

Attention my students. In the VIP area of PoznajWP over the next few days, we will be featuring a video discussing how to use the mobile app for WordPress. We will take a look at how to configure it properly and how to use it in an optimal way. Feel invited to MeetWP.


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