Wordpress how to start your adventure with this CMS? The whole site you are on right now is focused on the topic of construction of a website based on this particular solution. However, you may be looking for information on "How to get started and what to touch first... and then what... 🙂 In this article I will try to answer your question.

What for?

In the first instance you should clarify the purposeYou need to think about the direction you are aiming for and how WordPress, and consequently the project you are going to run on it, will allow you to achieve that goal. Is it going to be a personal blog, a business card website, or maybe something more? An online shop? Information portal? Something else?

Once you have the answer to this question ask yourself another. Will WordPress be the right tool for you? It's a great system with some 40% sites running on it on the web, often with radically different purposes, but it could be that your idea is so complex or unusual that WordPress turns out to be the wrong choice. E.g. if you want to create an application, say another SEO analysis toolThen you will probably need an individually designed and developed system that is not based on off-the-shelf solutions.

However, if it's going to be your business website, online shop, classifieds site, local community site or something similar then you can be sure that WordPress will work great for it.

Choose a good hosting

The hosting service is of considerable importance when it comes to the quality of subsequent work and the reliability of your site. It is also increasingly important in the context of, for example, activities related to positioning, because one of the ranking factors of the Google search engine is the speed of your website, which is influenced, among others, by the hosting service. So if you make a mistake in this area, it may later generate problems that you will not even realize. Starting your adventure with the website, take care of this aspect.

As a system that you can use freely, WordPress allows you to change hosting providers when you want. This is one of the features that differentiates it from e.g. website builders, where you are tethered for better or worse to the only "not always right" provider. So if you notice that the hosting service leaves a lot to be desired you can move your WordPress site to another place that will provide you with a proper quality of service.

Also consider companies that offer Dedicated hosting for WordPress. These types of services are starting to appear and are worth looking into. Good quality hosting accounts geared solely towards the WordPress environment, rather than ones that merely present themselves as WordPress hosting, are more expensive than regular hosting.

If we take, for example, platforms such as Kinsta whether WPengineThe monthly cost of maintaining such a service starts at $30 and goes up to 900+ per month. However, such services give incomparably higher security quality standards and are much better optimised for our WordPress-based site.

I also recommend you our JZS hosting accounts developed specifically for WP. Take a look at the site: WordPress hosting.

On the other hand, if I were to recommend a large Polish hosting company, which currently offers very decent quality at a reasonable price, it is a Polish company with blood and bones, I would indicate name.pl. Unfortunately, there are no WordPress management tools that our clients are used to, but who knows, maybe it will change in some time, especially since I work closely with nazwa.pl and step by step I try to convince them to implement solutions that are extremely convenient and useful for every WP user, especially for a self-taught one. Time will tell how this topic will evolve 🙂 I'm sure it will.


The installation process is extremely simple. In the past, you had to play around with uploading files using an FTP client, manually setting up a database and only then starting the installation process. Nowadays, most hosting accounts provide so called WordPress auto-installers, so the whole process comes down to a few mouse clicks. See how this process looks like in the following video hosting accounts for WordPress.

Start with a bang

Once you have installed WordPress your first step will probably be to go to the Themes section and install one of the themes. However, a common mistake at this stage is choosing the wrong theme. We look at what we like and don't pay attention to what is hidden "under the hood". Eventually, it may turn out that our choice will cause us more problems than we thought, and we will find out that this WordPress is not as good as it is written everywhere, because we cannot work on it comfortably and intuitively.

I even had a similar situation recently. One of the tax offices, which is organising a big event, asked me for support in building a website for the event. They had already chosen a theme and one of the conditions of our cooperation was its implementation. It turned out, however, that the theme, despite a great-looking demo, in terms of flexibility of work and possibilities related to personalization turned out to be tragic. Very quickly the law firm verified their original idea relying on my choices, but if they had decided to act on their own, they would have been stuck with this nice theme and wouldn't have been able to customize it.

So take care not to choose ossified motifs, although I know that without experience it will be difficult for you to judge whether a given motif is good or not. So try on a theme Astra or OceanWPor, better still, take a look at the article: Best free WordPress templates. Also take a look at the video below.

Meet him

Many clients I come into contact with run their websites on WordPress. Sometimes they contact me and say. "Mr Christopher, I want to do such and such a thing, but it can't be done in WordPress".. However, when we start to analyse the problem, most often it turns out that this inability is not due to the limitations of the CMS, but the lack of knowledge of the tool by its owner. Therefore, the first step after installing WordPress should be to get to know its interface and possibilities as thoroughly as possible. And these are really impressive.

This is a very important step, because if you skip this step, as many new website owners do, you will have problems later not only with your daily work, but also, and perhaps above all, with assessing whether your evolutionary ideas are possible to implement right away. Take the time to learn, and you'll find that your website, your shop or anything else, will work incomparably more efficiently for you getting more enquiries, registrations, orders and loyal customers.

WordPress course for beginners. Learn how to use the potential of your own site.

Spread your wings

The most common mistake resulting in project failure is ignorance. Many people take a simple approach to launching a website "I want a website and I want it now". Then nothing follows.

You need to be aware of the fact that just launching a website will not give you anything. Except maybe making you proud of your work and the final result. If you don't believe me then do as most people do. Fire up your website and wait for a miracle.

Learning how to master the tool that is WordPress is one thing and that cannot be overlooked. But there is also another side of the coin, which is the ability to attract traffic to your website. So what if it's beautiful and you'll impress all your friends, if you and they are the only visitors to your website. Invest in the knowledge of techniques and ways of gaining traffic and converting it into customers, users, someone who will find their way to your mailing list and keep coming back.

If you combine knowledge of your website's capabilities with knowledge of basic internet marketing techniques you will significantly increase your chances of success. Remember that every day thousands of people have the idea to create their own website. Every day thousands of people set up such websites. Every day thousands feel bitter because "it was supposed to be so cool", but there are also those who are happy with the dynamic growth. Answer the question as to which of these groups you want to belong to and act in a conscious, considered and well-planned manner.


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