Out of sentiment, but also with undisguised curiosity, I read my old article today: About WordPress. I wrote the text almost 4 years ago and looking through its contents I come to the conclusion that not much has changed since then. Today, I would basically only change the set of useful plugins I pointed out there, which is more a result of my preferences, which have evolved somewhere along the way.

WordPress has been my number 1 tool for many years to work with my own and my Clients' websites. I'm saying this from quite a long perspective, because as some of you know I've been in this business for almost 20 years, which is longer than WordPress and many other similar solutions known today 🙂 Well, unfortunately I'm not a youngster anymore, but WordPress itself can also boast quite a long history as for this kind of projects. Its beginnings date back to 2001, and it officially appeared in 2003, so it is already a good 14 years old. A teenager, but remarkably mature.

I'll tell you that since WordPress appeared I've been working with a lot of other systems. I worked with such solutions as Drupal, Joomla!, PHP Fusion, TYPO3, Concrete 5, Expressionengine, Prestashop and others, not to mention commercial or even my own. But I always came back to WordPress with pure pleasure and today I can say that I simply don't want to work with something else. I don't see such a need because WordPress gives me everything I need: functionality, convenience, access to many awesome extensions. Also, my clients don't have any problems with it, which is extremely important because I remember how they struggled with TYPO3. Wrrrrrrrrr. They managed, but it cost them more energy, time and often money.

I rejoice when I read that nearly 30% of the total number of websites on the Internet are sites running on this system. This means that The internet at 30% is based on WordPress!
As a CMS system, i.e. a typical content management tool, Wordpress has a share of 50-60%. It outclasses other CMSs in popularity and is unrivalled in this field. It is used by such brands as the New York Observer, New York Post, TED, Thought Catalog, Williams, USA Today, CNN, Fortune.com, TIME.com, National Post, Spotify, TechCrunch, CBS Local, NBC and many others. Pretty impressive right?

Thanks to its great popularity, WordPress is not only a great and cheap solution for site owners, but it also keeps developers, freelancers busy, with rates around $50 per hour of work, and creating a fully functional site costing an average of $1000. For example, on Freelancer.com, 243,161 projects on WordPress were completed in January 2015, for which contractors were paid a total of $60,571,205 at the time. These numbers are impressive because it means that people like me love this tool 🙂 .

All this popularity is due to the system's extreme ease of use and functionality. Originally a small CMS for blogs, it has grown over time to allow you to create sites of any size and purpose: from small business cards to complex news portals and shops.

If you are on the threshold of launching your own website don't hesitate. It will go much smoother and easier with WordPress compared to others. And although you will probably find people who will say "Hey man, make a website on something else", believe me when you decide to use WordPress you will make a good decision. If you take care of it, it will pay you back.


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