Have you ever written a text on your website in which you present a product, service or simply review an event you took part in? If so, it may have occurred to you how good it would be to include a visually appealing review anywhere in the article summarising the event. This type of presentation gives readers a very quick and, above all, clear message about our assessment of a given phenomenon. Such functionality can be very useful and can significantly increase the attractiveness of the website.

How to enrich a review website?

The topic seems to be quite complicated at first glance, but in fact it is not. We have many possibilities starting from ready-made plug-ins to the installation of a graphic theme designed especially for this type of projects. Such themes have basically everything you need to publish a review in a very attractive way. However, the question arises whether it is really a good idea? It may seem so, because we have everything optimized for a particular purpose for which the graphic template is designed. If our goal coincides with it, we are at home. So what to complain about? Assuming that we do not want to change the template in the future, there will be nothing to complain about, but if it turns out that after a year such a need arises, we will have a problem, because changing the skin will cause that we will lose the functionality that we may care about.

If we are installing a template, it is worth to pay attention to the fact whether its additional functionalities are included in the plugins as independent extensions or are built in the template and are its integral part. It will allow us to avoid problems in the future, when we want to change a template. This practice is also officially recommended by WordPress developers. Simply speaking, all additional functionality should be added as plugins.

Therefore, in this example, I will present you with my favourite plugin - not a theme - with which you can create your own review site on WordPress.

I found the plug-in in the mine of such attractions, that is on Code Canyon, it is called Reviewer WordPress Plugin (Author egoG).

The deciding factors for choosing this particular plug-in included:

  1. Two rating systems in one. That is, as review authors we give our subjective rating, but Readers also have the opportunity to give their own.
  2. The possibility of creating your own templates for reviews so that one template can be used for book reviews, and another for film reviews, etc.. We can also visually adjust the review to the colour scheme of our website.
  3. Possibility of creating comparative lists. In one table you can compare the evaluation of, for example, several competing computer programs. Excellent presentation of comparative data.
  4. Automatic implementation of so-called extended descriptions, so that articles with reviews can be presented in Google search together with a rating, which automatically distinguishes them from many other similar ones.

The plug-in also has other capabilities that some will find useful for others a little less, but nevertheless the extension is worth attention if you are thinking about publishing a review.

How does it work?

Once you've purchased the plugin (at the time I'm writing this $22) you download and install it like any other. Then we go to the section where we can create our own review templates.




When creating a template, we have a choice of several themes, based on which we make our own adjustments.




In the template configuration we can additionally specify our evaluation criteria. For example, if we evaluate some computer programs, we can create our own criteria for this purpose, such as: opportunities, quality of support, price/quality ratio etc...




We can further customise the template to match the colour scheme of our site, set the font size or introduce our own messages such as thanking the reader for rating us.

Once we have created a template, we can start placing it in the review article. The object can be placed anywhere in the review thanks to shortcuts.

Go to edit the entry and in the section Reviewers | post Reviews, click on the "Add new review". A form will appear which we fill in with data such as: the name of the review, the choice of a template that we have previously created, points for the criteria that we have defined, a summary of the pros and cons of the reviewed product ... we can even upload our own image, which will further enrich the visual presentation.




Finally, insert the generated shortcode into the body of the article.




After saving the changes, we can preview the effect.


In a similar way, we create a comparison list on the basis of selected and previously created reviews. The whole thing looks very nice indeed.

Additional information about the plug-in can be found on the website: Reviewer WordPress Plugin



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