Elementor 3.0 appeared on 25 August both in the free and paid version. After the publication many people started to report problems with the functioning of the new version of the builder. I wasn't personally affected by them, but as it turns out they were so extensive that finally Elementor's CEO Yoni Luksenberg decided to publish official position on the issue.

On the one hand, it is a form of apology to all those who have experienced problems on their sites, and on the other, an attempt to explain what lies behind the problems.

From the publication we learn that the latest release of Elementor is significantly different from previous releases. Yoni stresses that version 3.0 is the next big step in the builder's development. "Elementor 3.0 was never intended to be just another update, but a huge technological milestone for Elementor." This means that the changes made, including changes to the software architecture, were very significant and therefore carried a risk of problems that the developers could not foresee although they expected them to occur on some scale.

Anyone who has ever worked on software is well aware of how hard this work is, and the more complex the ecosystem within which we operate, the more challenging the task becomes. Yoni rightly points out that it is impossible to avoid mistakes. "WordPress has a very extensive ecosystem. This means that almost every installation is a unique combination of different plugins, themes and other configurations with endless variations. With so many possible permutations, conflicts are bound to happen, especially with major updates.

The CEO of Elementor apologises for the problems experienced by the Elementor community, informing us that the testing procedures for future versions have been changed to eliminate a large number of potential conflicts in the future. Additionally, we learn that work has been done on a mechanism to control Elementor's compatibility with external add-ons. This is supposed to work in such a way that if the version of extension X is not tested with the new version of the builder an update to Elementor will not take place.

At the same time, Yoni informs that they do not intend to stop updating and implementing further innovations with the aim of delivering a top-notch tool. So it cannot be assumed that the next major updates will be conflict-free, in fact it is virtually impossible. This is the price we as users and the manufacturer itself pay for development. Nevertheless, I am glad to see transparency and open communication of problems and methods of solving or mitigating them, because it proves that we are dealing with a serious project, which supports and will support us and our actions.


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  1. Nothing is happening on youtube, why is there no idea or topic?
    And the competition is not sleeping !
    Give something Krzysiu, give not regret your knowledge.
    Barwo for the work done so far.
    We wait, we wait .....
    fascinated Leszek

    1. Leszek last week I uploaded a video. Now I'm working quite intensively with courses and I haven't mastered cloning yet 😉 Anyway, there will definitely be more videos on the YT channel.

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