I haven't come across this solution until now, and it's been on the WordPress market for over a year. All in all, I'm starting to wonder if there's any point in posting about more similar discoveries, and I'm coming to the conclusion that it's worth it. We all have different preferences, some of us feel more comfortable with Gutenberg, others with DIVI, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Oxygen, Bricks... I won't list further. So probably there will be also those who will like just Zion Builder.

Zion Builder - key features

From the very beginning, all new builders put great emphasis on the speed of the website and the creator itself, which is equally important. The speed of the editor saves time of our work.


Zion Builder in the backend uses the Vue.JS 3 framework so it works very efficiently. Much more efficient than Elementor.

On the front-end, the generated pages are also well optimised, and in the source you will only find code for the add-ons that are realistically used. A considerable advantage, and do you know why? If not, have a look at the article on Core Web Vitals.

In Lighthouse tests, which are also used by Google, without any optimisation, the test of an example page with a ready-made template (quite complex) looks like the one below in the picture:

zion speed

Performance is sensational. Will it be difficult to achieve 100/100 points? Certainly not. Probably all you need is one of the optimization plugins and you're done.

A free version is available

Not every builder has a free version in the WordPress repository, but Zion Builder similarly Elementor has, so it is possible to test the wizard without difficulty and assess its potential in the context of ongoing projects.

Zion Builder in the WordPress repository

Very nice ready-made website templates

There are some creators, whose templates base is not impressive. It is either average or completely unattractive. I know that it's always an individual thing and what I like, doesn't have to please you, but in my opinion Zion Builder comes out very well. Admittedly, the library itself is still quite modest - at the moment I counted 12 full layouts - but it will surely grow.

Library of ready-made templates

These 12 ready-made arrangements have been put together from the blocks available in the next section of the creator's library or (probably more likely) it is these blocks that have been extracted from the ready-made templates. This allows you to create your own layout by mixing together any arrangement you like.

Library of prefabricated blocks

Theme Builder

It's hard to imagine a good website creation tool that doesn't give you the ability to create layouts for your entire site, individual content types, products in your shop, etc. Zion Builder gives you all these possibilities. It takes a bit of getting used to the rather specific methodology of configuring individual templates, but after a while of clicking around, you'll get used to it 🙂

Theme Builder

Dynamic data

Another important functionality, especially in more complex projects than a simple business card page. This is the ability to use dynamic data. Currently, Zion Builder works with Advanced Custom Fields, and soon there will also be a plug-in Meta Box.

There are many more such possibilities and I'd probably have to write a booklet to cover them all, so I'll stop here 🙂 I'm not going to do that.

What the Zion Builder editor looks like

When you look at the working methodology, it is similar to wizards such as Oxygen whether Bricks. On the other hand, it deviates quite a bit from Elementor. If you feel like switching to Elementor for any reason, test the free version of Zion Builder first to make sure that the way you work with your page content suits you.

Zion Builder editor

Digging into the settings of individual page objects, the side section grows a lot, but you can quickly remove the tools you don't need. This is an interesting solution and it will certainly be convenient for people who have large monitors with higher resolution. You can have these panels open all the time and thus instantly go to individual settings.

Editor with two sidebars with tools to edit the page

You can also grab and drag the selected tool panel to the right side of the screen.

You can conveniently change the layout of sidebars by drag and drop

Looks very interesting! As far as I've played with the builder, I can see that you can get pretty creative. It's a good tool, which will satisfy both the beginner and the more experienced webmaster.

How much does Zion Builder cost

The project is still in the momentum phase, so prices are very attractive at the moment. This will certainly change!

Price list Zion Builder

From $29 per year (one page) to $149 (license for unlimited pages). The last item is a Lifetime offer for $249, but as far as I can see this is a limited number of available licenses or time limited offer. This means that the Lifetime offer will end at some point.

Clicking on the button below will take you to the wizard's page, look at the possibilities and check its current prices:


It is nice to see another tool, a good one with a lot of possibilities and working very fast. I will certainly be experimenting with it and the moment will come when I will publish a video about it, and who knows if there will not be a course on MeetWP 🙂

I like the interface and the editor itself. As I mentioned the working methodology is similar to that offered by Oxygen and Bricks. Is it better than Elementor? You have to judge for yourself. From my point of view yes! And above all you have more control over the individual objects.

A very promising roadmap where I see integration with Rank Math, Fluent Forms and many other efforts to improve current and add new features to the wizard.

The prices are attractive too, especially if you compare it with Elementor. $149 per year for unlimited pages, where with Elementor you can buy a license for up to 1000 pages, but that pleasure costs $999 per year. A significant difference, and it's even bigger when you take advantage of the Lifetime offer and pay $249 at a time. It will pay for itself in no time.

I recommend you try it out!


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